ZiM car. Or Cadillac? :)

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ZiM car. Or Cadillac? :)

Postby Arseny » Thu Aug 14, 2014 2:46 am


"On up the economic ladder, the Molotow Auto Plant at Gorky is busily engaged with yet another model, the ZIM. The letters ZIM stand for Zolta Imeni Molotow, or “Factory Named for Molotow”, the namesake of which has become well known throughout the western world.

The ZIM is a big, 126-inch wheelbase job with lots of chrome, a grille that looks like it was lifted from a Cadillac, a hood like a Buick, and side and rear lines that have a distinct Chrysler appearance. The clutch is fluid and is undoubtedly a take-off of Chrysler's, but the engine is not, at least in power. Considering the Russian habit of building cars on the heavy side, the ZIM would seem to be quite under-powered as the six-cylinder engine is rated at just 90 horsepower at 3.600 rpm's

New information proves the ZIM is made in at least two models, contrary to previous reports. The car is turned out in a four-door convertible model as well as the closed sedan. Parades occupy an important place in the USSR so the addition of an open car of admittedly modern design provides an open throne for parade appearances of the one party's candidates at public functions. Hypoid gears, independent wheel suspensions, heaters, a radio, and nice interior fittings make the ZIM a nice car, but we cannot help but wonder about its performance with only 90 horsepower. Russian publications blurb the ZIM as a car suitable for any climate (and the USSR has plenty of climate) with insulation in the right places and good roadability. If one were to see a ZIM at the corner of Broadway and 42nd Street, I doubt if he'd give it more than the usual pedestrian glance, for it does have a very marked western appearance. The price, though, would be a stopper, even in this country: it's a mere 16.000 roubles or 3.200 of Uncle Sam's dollars, and that'll buy a corking good car on this side of the pond."

("Auto Age" magazine, Feb 1952)
ZIM and 1955 Cadillac
ZIM and 1947 Chevrolet from Mini-Things
The rear parts differ...
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