Working on powered trucks

Re: Working on powered trucks

Postby DKRickman » Thu Feb 20, 2014 1:35 pm

Thank you for your thoughts, E.T. I have been more than a bit hesitant to use a belt drive, for exactly the reason you mention. However, two things give me confidence that it will work:
  1. I have seen similar designs which have apparently had good success. While these are definitely not heavy duty machines, we're not talking about heavy O scale, or even HO scale power here. I suspect and am hopeful that the belts are reasonably suited to the need in this case.
  2. The belts, motors, and pulleys are sold together, and are clearly intended to be used together. While that is not a guarantee of success, I at least feel confident that I am using things in the way that they are intended.

Also, these are not O rings. According to the Nigel Lawton web site, they are:
Chloroprene rubber (CR) drive belts. The belts are square in cross section and are closely related to those found in mini voice recorders of the tape variety and many other small mechanisms in audio and video machines. They will not take on a 'set' (like rubber bands do) if left stretched permanently for many years so long as the stretch no more than about 10%.

I designed the truck to allow the use of two belts because I was uncertain how much power a single belt could transmit. It may well be that a single belt will be sufficient, in which case it is easy enough to leave a belt off. It is certainly far easier to leave a belt off than to figure out how to squeeze another one in where it was not meant to go.

I would love to find a source for miniature cogs and pulleys. If you or anyone else can recommend one, I would gladly look into it.
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Re: Working on powered trucks

Postby krokodil » Thu Feb 20, 2014 2:02 pm

I can list you where such drives are or where used ( in recent days).
It was on all Roco Crocodiles, all the Austrian one 1189 and the Swiss one Ce6/8, Brawa Köf ( small two axle shunter) all these locomotives have additionally flywheels and unfortunatelyy all of them have the same problem, time to time they need new belts. While on the Brawa engine the replacement takes few seconds, on the Roco machines it is a challenge for a longer time ( i just replaced yesterday on one of Roco locomotive the belts). Roco just announced the redesign of those drives :-). ( after more than 20 years of production)
In the same time on the Liliput/Bachmann BR18.3 there is a cog belt working fine since ages, no replacement is required.

( in the past there were many vehicles with different belt drives - all disappeared, do not ask me way. :-) )
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