Postby Christtking » Wed Dec 10, 2014 1:35 pm

I am trying to open a new topic.
I am not aware if this was ever a topic for any discussion before. If it indeed was, I apologise!
A few year back (in year 2000 or before) I've purchased some freight wagons manufactured by PSK in limited quantities (limited edition?). The freight wagons were manufactured previously (originaly) by former BTTB and transformed (modified) by PSK company for different railways (I think Norway). That is not what it matters, what I want to describe was that I was interested in the idea those guys gave me.
I am not sure if the company purchased the wheels like that or if they modifed them. Each wheel has 2 thru holes in it, top and bottom, left and right, whichever way it is correct of saying it, 180 degrees away (opposite of) from each other. Pretty neat idea for looks huh? and prototypicaly correct!

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