parts for mtb 754 goggles

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parts for mtb 754 goggles

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hello folks
not sure if this is the right place for add
i have mtb 754 goggles TT gauage i bought in CZ Brno all seemed ok at the time of purchase so packed away
However 12 months later got out to run, lights on one end not working,
I tried to contact MTB prauge address they did not even answer my email
so i decided to open up the train to seewhat could be wrong,to my horror discovered the circuit board to the lights is cracked it is double sided board so i can not really see how it can be mended
does any one know if anyone in the US or Canada are agents for MTB or any ware i might get a new board or any address in cz they might answer
the one on the sight is useless
thanks in advance for any help offered

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Re: parts for mtb 754 goggles

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If you're handy with a soldering iron you could add jumpers to the adjacent pads. Back in the mid 80s at an Aerospace company I worked at the engineers would design the circuitry and the PCB would have to add cut traces and additonal jumpers (buss wire in Teflon sleeving) done by the production personnel to the released blueprint. Back in those days it was all thru hole and only two sides (layers). None of this SMT and multi-layered boards.
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