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Bill Dixon
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Layout Gift

Post by Bill Dixon »

As I am known to the local community as the TT Guy, TT-Scale items come to me.
This 3' x 5' TT Scale layout came to me today.
It uses Rokal track and the wildest mixture of scales for people and structures. Most if not all the people are HO Scale.
Many of the structures are HO Scale or N-Scale with a few TT-Scale thrown in. There might even be one G-Scale item.
The builder obviously used what he could find. Some of the scenes are quite nice. Some ideas worth copying.
If I decide to strip the layout I can see several buildings that will be useful.

For now I am going to clean the track and see if modern equipment will run on it. Time for a bit of fun.
Bill Dixon
North Vancouver, BC

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Re: Layout Gift

Post by ConducTTor »

Nice score TT Guy :wink: :thumbup:
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Re: Layout Gift

Post by AstroGoat760 »

Life is short, play with TT Scale Trains!

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Re: Layout Gift

Post by TheKnighTT »

Nice gift. I doubt anything but Rokal will run on the points. Maybe wait some time and Rokal items will find their way to you, TT Guy.

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Re: Layout Gift

Post by tomvanhoy »

I tried running an HP Pacific on the tubular Rokal track and the finer scale wheels with short flanges kept running over the sides of the rail. Good Luck.

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