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Re: TT-Tracks

Post by AstroGoat760 »

That car is gorgeous!
Life is short, play with TT Scale Trains!

Bill Dixon
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Re: TT-Tracks

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Coupler wars.

There is some confusion as to what the right coupler to use is.

It is obvious that to recreate the true H P Products experience you have to use the old Baker couplers.

When they came available, modelers started using Kadee 711 couplers.
These are of course too big.

Now modeler ares using Micro Trains N-Scale couplers.
I have wondered if these were the right size.
A while ago some Kadee TT-Scale couples showed up in a collection.
Today I was able to compare them to Micro Trains couplers.
20200906_N Scale vs Kemtron.jpg
The Micro Trains couplers might be a bit smaller, but they look right.
Bill Dixon
North Vancouver, BC

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