Noisy motors

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Noisy motors

Post by Twinrover1965 »

Now I have had time reflect on my two TT locos: Kuehn DB class 110 and Tillig DR E11 after a couple of years, I have noticed that the motors are noisy; the Tillig being the worst offender. Can anybody advise re which make of TT locos has the best quality least noisy motor for example the Brawa of the TT world? Or because of the small nature of the scale, smoother and less noisy motors are just not physically possible? Also, which is the best common coupler to use as my Tillig and the Kuehn won't couple to my Piko coaches? There's quite a big learning curve in all this for newbies with very little written down to help. My last experience of TT was playing with my father's Triang TT set back in the early 1960s! Your guidance would be appreciated. Thx.

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Re: Noisy motors

Post by Rich1853 »

You said motor not drive train, anyway this is what I do when I purchased all my locomotives used. Remove the body shell attach leads from the power supply to any location that won't rotate ie wheels. Place in a small tub like a butter dish cover, I used a package that cheese came in, same shape long and narrow. I than pour denatured alcohol to over the motor than power it up running it in both directions. Pretty roster tails, I clean the traction tires and all the gear train with brushes. Remove and let dry using compressed air helps. Lubed gear train with grease and motor and axle bearings and if steam the rods pivots too with oil. I used Labelle lubrication kit for N & Z scale 0430-001002 as that oil is lighter than the oil in the HO/O/S/LGB kit
As for your Piko coupling problem, when I had a Piko G1206 I used an adapter to bring the coupler further out from the locomotive body so the next Tillig rolling stock the buffers won't hit and disengage on my small radius curves.
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Re: Noisy motors

Post by ConducTTor »

Your method sounds a lot simpler than mine. I completely disassemble everything, clean off all parts, lube them and, put them back together. @Twinrover1965 - Kuhn couplers are the most reliable. You can mount them to Tillig models without problem. For Piko models you may need a coupler adapter (which I think is available from Piko).

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