Modifying BTTB to use as North American Proto

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Re: Modifying BTTB to use as North American Proto

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RodTT wrote:
ConducTTor wrote:You can convert anything to DCC. Or just by a newer Tillig 107.

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I have read that there are issues with older motors with high current draw and a risk of blowing the decoder. Or maybe you just have to buy the right type of decoder.

The "classical" TT motor has usually no issues with standard decoders. Power requirements of the good motor are below 500 mA, typically 300 mA. Luckily in TT we did have the age with high current and bad motors like the guys in H0 experienced. In BR107 is the space the issue. Some guys milled away part of the inside ballast, but I saw also flat replacement motors and the decoder was in the cab above the motor.
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