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This is the USA - June 1959

Posted: Thu Jan 06, 2022 1:42 am
by TiTan downunder
When cleaning out the father-in-laws house last year we came across a stash of old WW2 aircraft magazines, which the 'boss' says were her uncles from his merchant navy days during war, and this interesting time piece of America.
T is A - 1.jpg
T is A - 2.jpg
T is A 3.jpg
these are just the most interesting from a railroad point of view, but I reckon the bottom photo would be the perfect module display
for Arseny and all his auto collection. I think the biggest challenge would be trying to get a railroad track in there!

Re: This is the USA - June 1959

Posted: Thu Jan 06, 2022 11:26 am
by ConducTTor
Man....America looks like a very busy place lol. It would be interesting to see comparisons of the above pictures to today's versions. I don't mean the exact locations but rather the subjects of the pictures. I expect that not much has changed other than efficiency and larger volumes (not necessarily taking up more space).