Busch TT Scale Sgns Container Car in SBB Cargo #31148

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Busch TT Scale Sgns Container Car in SBB Cargo #31148

Post by ees1bk » Thu Dec 12, 2013 5:26 pm

Since I have a modern day Austrian TT scale layout, I'm always keen to try to collect appropriate intermodal cars. I already have many of the Piko Lgns cars. When I saw that long time vehicle and accessory maker Busch had entered the TT market with a new R-T-R container car of one of my favourite types, I had to order one. It arrived today.

This is Busch's item no TT 31148 - SBB Cargo Sgns container car 31 85 455 2 012-0 which comes loaded with three 20ft open top Innofreight wood chip containers complete with detailed wood chip load.







The car is fitted with modern close couplers similar to Tillig 08840. The wheels are chemically blackened metal. There are the usual NEM coupler pockets fitted to a pivoting close coupling mechanism. It has both footsteps and two locator posts already fitted (unlike the Roco HO version of the same car type!). The weight is reasonably good.

The Busch containers are held in place by downwards protruding locator pins very similar to those used by Piko and although not an exact match, I think the Piko pins would hold the containers from moving when running. Busch have chosen to go the same route as Piko, whereas PSK do not use the locator pins on the underside.

All in all a very satisfying new model, heralding new TT scale products from a major manufacturer entering the TT market place for the first time. Their design of protective box is very unusual and looks to be very effective.

Any questions please ask.

Regards, Bevis.

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Re: Busch TT Scale Sgns Container Car in SBB Cargo #31148

Post by rdikken » Thu Dec 12, 2013 6:01 pm

Nice model, Bevis.

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Re: Busch TT Scale Sgns Container Car in SBB Cargo #31148

Post by ConducTTor » Thu Dec 12, 2013 8:05 pm

I've been wondering what Busch's model will be like. It's interesting that they blackened the wheels. It would have been even more interesting if they had "rusted" them. Glad they don't use HO scale boxes like Tillig - what a space waster....

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