Wanted: German style non functional locos, freight cars/etc

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Rheingold Roller
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Wanted: German style non functional locos, freight cars/etc

Post by Rheingold Roller »

Hello all,

Thank you for allowing me to join your forum!

I am looking for around 3 or 4 non functioning but complete ww2 era or earlier steam locomotives and some old German/euro style freight or passenger cars, as well as any old shells or parts that are unwanted. I play a WW2 tabletop game in 1:100th scale called Flames of war, and am looking to put a train or two that would not look out of place for the period onto some tracks, and have some others that are shot up looking or turned into senery. HO just seems too large to fit the part (I do HO trains) Any freight/passenger cars would not need couplers, but would need trucks/wheels as they would be sitting on the tracks together, and not rolling. If you have some of what I am looking for sitting around, and want to give it a new lease on life without killing my bank account please let me know. I would also possibly be interested in old unuseable tracks as well. I have been looking all over for some TT stuff and you all are my last hope for building a good railyard setup to battle over.

Thank you,

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Re: Wanted: German style non functional locos, freight cars/

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You may want to look at Rokal stuff, it is closer to 1:100 than most other TT. Readily available on Ebay.de and cheaper than on Ebay in the USA if you are on this side of the Big Water. Track from Berlierbahn days will work and is not a high demand item.
Good Luck!

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Re: Wanted: German style non functional locos, freight cars/

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Hi Roller,

I also got into TT model trains via Flames of War, but now I am in to deep to get out :) As I am in Australia I found some British Triang wagons locally (on ebay.au) to place on the battlefield, The British TT scale is 3mm to the foot, or very close to 1:00, but they only do British rolling stock of course!

Zeuke and BTTB, as well as Rokal that Tom mentioned were all early German TT manufacturers that have appropriate engines and wagons. Ebay worldwide has a lot of that for sale, but prices will vary widely. Keep an eye out and you will find some good prices in time. Just watch out for hefty postage costs from some vendors.

Getting a a few bits of rolling stock and track for the battlefield is a good starting point to get into model railways. You just need some flat cars to load up all those vehicles! (even though they are oversize for TT) I hope you find some items that will work for you.
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