TT Tracks for sale from EU

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TT Tracks for sale from EU

Post by Pisul »

Hello guys,

I have some TT scale tracks and switches for sale. They are all kind of vintage - all come from 1960-1980 from Germany. They have never been used so they should all work properly.

Taking into consideration amount of those I would ask for 100$ + shipping for those. I am comparing it to prices from ebay to get an idea of a price. The shipping to US should be something around 20$ from where I live.

I am attaching photos of those to this post.
Feel free to contact me if you're interested


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Re: TT Tracks for sale from EU

Post by Gekom56 »

I would be interested only in some of the track if it is still available. Mainly in those with wider rails which are rather HOm than TT.

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