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Re: Lok-n-Roll - What's new?

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And I just discovered Passenger Car trucks in brass die-cast marked as new for only 19,00€ including wheels.
https://www.lok-n-roll.de/produkt/drehg ... 52f3c22ed6
Now I only need the rest of the car, somehow.

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Re: Lok-n-Roll - What's new?

Post by MacG »

You're a little late on that one. :wink: The extended Rokal passenger cars were once available from A&K.

Our to-do list also includes passenger cars. Whether it will be long Rokal cars again or something new, I can't say.

Oh yes, there was still the kit from John Harmon with 6 smooth-side wagons. Their resin casts trucks were not exactly rollable.
Lok-n-Roll.de - we send worldwide :wink:

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