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WTB/WTT: Gold Coast SP and UP '37 AAR Box Car Kits

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 7:42 pm
by Richard-B

WTB (Want to Buy) -or- WTT (Want to Trade)

I'm looking to acquire more of the early Gold Coast '37 AAR box cars...
that were released as flat kits, but with sides decorated for the SP and UP.
A while back I had Felix scrounge the last ones he could find at GCR.

These cars are:
- SP #33288 - "S.P." (-not- spelled-out) and black/white round herald.
GCR Flat Kit "S.P."
GCR Flat Kit "S.P."

- UP #184711 - "Serves the West" on one side, "Road of the Streamliners" on the other.
GCR Flat Kit "UP"
GCR Flat Kit "UP"

I would offer the current Gold Coast '37 AAR RTR list price... $40, and your postage paid.
I will trade 1:1 for any of the RTR Gold Coast cars I have (...almost all), and pay postage both ways.

Please let me know what might be available!
I usually use PayPal, but also could send Money Order.
Please respond via TTnut Board PM