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Since the whole virus thing has knocked out most of the model railroading shows and conventions, the National Model Railroad Association has been having online conventions known as NMRA-X conventions. They usually start at 6 AM Easter time (US), and run all day. Each presentation is about an hour long, and they're from all around the world. They do layout tours, historical reviews, and others on building, weathering, etc..
They're on the NMRA Facebookk page and on their Youtube channel-
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHw-7- ... gTM0ZVY-Yw
You don't need to be an NMRA member to watch, and after the event the videos are available on the Youtube page so you can see what you missed!
If you subscribe to their Youtube or like/follow their Facebook they'll send you notifications of the next event

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I've just been starting to watch these on YouTube. A lot of good info in there, with a fair amount of Aussie content (which cant be a bad thing ;)
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