Vacuum desk

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Vacuum desk

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Our son made me this small, very useful tool for miniatur SMD parts. It was always a challenge to solder wires to the SMD LEDs, how to hold them on the workbench and keep the LEDs steady when soldering.
In this small box there is a small 12V vacuum pump and the surface is the back side of the standard copperplated material used for printed circuits. There are 5 bigger holes ( diameter 1,0mm) and among them four 0,5mm holes. Beneath there is a small soldered metalbox with a pipe connection to the vacuumpump. Ie the pump sucks over all 9 holes the air. I place the parts to the surface covering the hole ( the reaminig holes are covered by sticky tape, to increase the airflow over the hole). This keeps the small part on the surface and I can easily solder ( under magnifier) the wires to the parts.
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Re: Vacuum desk

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Really cool. Can you post some pics of the interior/mechanism pls?
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