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Re: Bigelov's projects

Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2022 4:46 am
by Bigelov
Yes, tiny amounts of solder! I have really learnt a lot working on this kit. I have done a fair bit of soldering 2mm and N scale rolling stock, but this has been the really worthwhile learning.

Cutting little slices of solder from the roll, rather than feeding in the solder direct is important so you don't use too much solder. My next one kit will be good :) And holding things firmly in place while soldering.

Re: Bigelov's projects

Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2022 5:24 am
by Bigelov
And as if I didn't have enough projects, the Australian Narrow Gauge Convention is coming up at Easter next year. Each convention, apart from a range of contests, they have a special contest category announced only months before the event. This year is the 4"x4" challenge (or 100mm x 100mm). m

So I am going back to where I started really considering modelling Russian Narrow Gauge:


This is (will be) a small diorama based on a sleeper impregnation plant, specifically the now closed plant at Bologoye. My original idea, and track plans, were to have the narrow gauge impregnation plant and transload crane for loading broad gauge wagons with freshly cresoted sleepers. Here is a pic of it while still operating with TU6 loco: ... ?ID=140495

And a recent video posted only weeks ago showing the place as it is now:

I have drawn up and printed out a sleeper carrying car but hope to turn it into a photo-etch kit. I am also working on drawing the kiln? pressure vessel? that the cars are placed in with their sleeper loads. When that is worked out I will start actual construction. So many ideas, but some see the light of day :smile: