TT scale steam loco headlights

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TT scale steam loco headlights

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Just received my order from Shapeways for a "tree" of 20 TT scale pyle-national cannister type headlights that were in service from the 19-teens onwards. 10 of these lights have visors over the lens, 10 do not. Also included on the "tree" is a small bulbular insert that serves as a "lens" which can be lit if a light source is set inside the headlight (its completely hollow with backplate like the prototype) set behind the "lens."

RDickman is the source of this part. The detailing is excellent, most of which is only visible if you view the headlight under magnification. The part "tree" is Shapeways # 5969290 16" Pyle Headlights. The cost was only around $6.00 plus shipping. See photo below


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Re: TT scale steam loco headlights

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If I remember right he was an engineer for one of the Class Ones (NS, maybe?) and did a lot of his design work in hotels while he was waiting to head home. I was always curious about some of the boilers he has listed on Shapeways, I wondered if he can do one in HO if he could crank one down to TT, and maybe design it to fit a Tillig chassis. Not that I really need another project, though!

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