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Is anybody familiar with the structure manufacturer Temos

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:00 am
by Rich1853
How's their workmanship, were they ready made or in kit form. Being made from wood and some assembly are with butt joints, what wood thickness is used, ie. does the scale thickness look more like it's for a bunker fortification. Any other history, such as country and years of operation.

Re: Is anybody familiar with the structure manufacturer Temo

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 4:09 pm
by krokodil

The models from TeMos were quite different. The early models from late 50-ies up to about 1970 were made from special thick cardboard the surface was e printed thin paper ( like a wallpaper). The windows and doors were something like a film ( or silkscreened elements on a foil).
I had only ready made models. I cannot remember of any kits from this period. The ready made models were built quite seriosly, exact fitting of the walls (fine furniture-alike joints), and well designed for that period and quite massive also fir small children hands.
Later on there were several changes in name and also in production sites (OWO, MAMOS) and the portfolio dissolved into 3 production lines. At this time appeared the first plastic parts on the models - like windows, doors, frames etc. The main walls were still from decorated thinner cardboard with plastic details and often with corner decoration to cover the joints. Some of those structures were available also in kits - i do not remember under what brands. After the nationalisation in 1972 I think all manufacturers were unified under the brand of Vero and the production range was reduced. The quality of the models was from my point of view always lower than the Auhagen structures.

Re: Is anybody familiar with the structure manufacturer Temo

Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 8:19 am
by Rich1853
Thank you krokodil for the reply.
Yesterday I received TeMos TT two stand modern engine shed.
(Temos TT zweiständiger moderner Lokschuppen).
Very nice and the construction is top notch and it is very close to the one as the DB Werkstatt Duisburg in the Bahnbau Gruppe yard that I want to model.
I also purchased some watertowers (Wasserturm) but they're in HO and N scale, one of them is actually model as the Duisburg prototype pictured above the trees behind the shed. That one is 13.5 inches tall (135 scale TT feet, 98.5 scale HO feet). The other HO model is 9.5 inches tall (95 scale TT feet, 68.5 scale HO feet). The N size one is like the one in the Duisburg marshaling yard (now abandon, turning it into a housing neighborhood) no open frame work, it's mortared like a lighthouse. That's pictured on the left side on the horizon.