2020 Shows in Greater Vancouver

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Re: 2020 Shows in Greater Vancouver

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Bill Dixon wrote: Thu Aug 13, 2020 11:35 pmSo what is going to happen next year in 2021?
But wait, weren't we supposed to have a setup in my garage? :oops:

I know, I know, it seems I've walked off the earth or I've been abducted by aliens. Turns out I am still here. Saying that this summer was unusual for me is a huge understatement. Don't worry, I am fine, more than fine, actually, just that there is a lot of personal sh!t I have to take care of. Let's call it a severe case of life. This, combined with an insane amount of work at work, is keeping me away from model trains.

I hope that the fall will be quieter and that I will find a weekend to build the tables for the garage layout. I will keep you posted.
Bill Dixon wrote: Thu Aug 13, 2020 11:35 pmSo what about the NMRA show in California next year. I don't know. With the current state of the pandemic in California, I am not optimistic. As well if the US does not get the pandemic under control, the US/Canada border will stay closed so I will not be able to go.

So a pessimistic view of the future or a realistic view? I don't know. We can only wait and see how the future unfolds.
Yup, that's all we can do: wait. I think that beside the two scenarios you mentioned (continue the lockdown or a vaccine) there is a third one. People will just throw their hands in the air and get used to living with this virus.

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Re: 2020 Shows in Greater Vancouver

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Not to worry.
I must admit that this is a great time to catch up on things that need doing but . . .
Some days work is crazy stupid and I don't feel like working on trains at home.
Customers! Fighting with Fedex - stop clearing our shipments - we won't pay your fees. Much fun - NOT!
For a long time it has been a pain to get new product. Three weeks ago the flood gates opened. We got 40 boxes of product in one week. And it just keeps coming.
The store is now on permanent short hours. Closing at 5PM everyday now. That is more than long enough most days.
The store may never do another show which means I will be free to attend them myself.

I had a week off two weeks ago and I basically did nothing. Really needed the R&R time.

Starting to work on models and trains, but the heat is a bit too much for now.

Oh well, we will get through it.
Have another week off coming up in September and maybe another week in October.
Bill Dixon
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