2020 Chilliwack Show

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2020 Chilliwack Show

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The 2020 Chilliwack show is on, assuming of course that the world has calmed down by October.

With all the show closures, this might be our first show of the year.

However there is a small issue: Insurance. They want everybody, exhibitor or vendor to have insurance for their displays - loss and liability.
Being an informal group of people who like TT-Scale and Beer, we are not an official enough group to get insurance. Unless we get a lot larger than we are now, I do not ever see us becoming a formal group that could get insurance.

I have communicated my concerns about this issue to the show organizer.
If they can provide a low cost method through the Heritage Park, I would be happy to pay a modest fee.
If they are talking serious $$ then we may have a problem.

Will keep you all informed of progress.
Bill Dixon
North Vancouver, BC

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