41st Annual Spud Valley Hobby Show

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Re: 41st Annual Spud Valley Hobby Show

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Well, enough time has passed since I got home and had time to reflect upon the 2019 Spud Valley Hobby Show for my "post-mortem".

And here it is...


The show went off without a hitch, display-wise, aside from one motive power failure.
Everyone was good for the most part, aside from one little kid that liked to put his hands on everything.
The weather was nice, which made an ugly part of the show not so bad.

Not a big show at all, with limited variety of trains, but that goes with the area.

One of my new MTB SW1200s failed within a half hour of show start. The motor (which was oiled as normal, along with the gears) jammed up, and I am trying to figure out what the heck happened to it.
The alternator on my primary truck (with the big bed cap) blew a few days ago, leaving CaTTwoman and I to do the trip with my little 1987 Ford Ranger. The layout had to travel in the bed, uncovered. Fortunately, the weather held up and the layout made it all 250 round trip miles no worse for the wear.


Overall, the attitude of most everyone was great towards TT Scale, with several interested in buying more motive power and track as it comes available.
More than one was convinced that "TT Scale is the Ideal Scale!"
CaTTwoman281 did a fantastic job "selling" TT Scale, which allowed my lack of a voice due to illness get some rest.

Finally, the WiFi at the hotel that hosted the event was great. I was able to get my final assignment for my Master's Degree (MBA in General Business) completed during slack times during the show.
Life is short, play with TT Scale Trains!

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Re: 41st Annual Spud Valley Hobby Show

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I am looking forward to the next Spud Valley show!

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