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Re: 2019 National Train Show - Salt Lake City, Utah

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 7:36 pm
by Bill Dixon
At Salt Lake City in the Z-Scale area, there was a display of cast plaster tunnel portals and such.
When I had a free moment I took a piece of bedding track and a box car over to see what could be made to work.
I determined that one Double Track Portal (the one with the red circle in the second image) would work as a single track T-Scale portal if its height was raised by about six or seven rows of stone.
I got talking with the gentleman who makes the items and he said he would make them for me.
Later in the day he come over to our display and said that he would be willing to remake anything he had for TT-Scale. A great offer as he has some interesting products.

He is:
Loren Snyder in Medford Oregon.
"Z Train Things"
Phone: 541-840-8379

Please e-mail him if there are items of interest to you.