ESU & Z21 app

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ESU & Z21 app

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Bill Dixon wrote:I had time to play with an ESU Mobile Control II throttle, the one based on an Android phone. --- Unless the Z21 ap is updated to use all the features of this throttle or I get an ESU system, I don't expect that I will buy one.
A new version of the Z21 app is available, updated end of January. ...
I just discovered it and am trying to figure it out. It is separate from the app which we have been using. It looks like it will provide the same controls, and has an entirely new appearance. An update to the old app was not available but it looks different now, possibly a result of installing the other new one.

The ESU controller is the same as the one from Piko, because the companies are associated, I think. Since Roco associates with Zimo, I don't expect Roco to do anything to aid using the ESU controller.

More information from anyone who knows more would be appreciated.

- Terry C

Looking into this further I found that the new Z21 app was made available almost a year ago. Here is a video about using it --

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