Start set 01424 power controller listed output specification

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Start set 01424 power controller listed output specification

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I finally gotton around with the supplied power controller from my start set. The first thing I did was to get a North American power supply with comparable output specs. I did that a few months ago. With a new MRC power supply purchased and used, everything else stayed in their boxes until today. Matched the outer barrel diameter at 5.5mm and polarity: outer is negative.
Here are the power supply unit specs: Tillig input 230v / 50Hz, output 15,2v DC, max output current 1,9A
power supply from Amazon: input 100-240v 50/60Hz, output 15v DC, 2A
NOW here is power controller (p/n 271471 output voltage: 13v squarewave, pulse frequency: approx 130Hz, output current: 0,5A
Why is the output listed as A.C. like its for DCC when with my calibrated to NIST true RMS DMM reads DC, range -15.18 to 15.18v DC, 0Hz
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Re: Start set 01424 power controller listed output specifica

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The Tillig controller is a PWM controller, what has a basic frequency (130 Hz) but the pulses are always DC, ie on the output 130 times per second there is some DC voltage.
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