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I own all the versions build so far by BECKMANN TT (analog). All the earlier versions have the worm gear drive and the flywheels machined together in one piece, so no need for drive transfer gear boxes. The newer models (from 4-5 years ago) are build similar to the TILLIG models with cardan shafts and drive transfer gear boxes (above the bogies). Very bad combination. It is not a very good design (not a good application for the BECKMANN TT models). I think mister Beckmann is trying to save some money. I am talking about this because I've had a very bad experience with 2 of the models built with this new mechanism. I've received my new traffic red version of this class and the DB CARGO version of electric BR 156 with completely damaged gear boxes. I think they were damaged (completely not attached with the connecting pins, broken on the bottom were the guide holes are) during shipping. I've contacted mister Beckmann (thru the mail) about this problem, but for some reason he does not like to answer back. So I had no choice but replace the gear drive boxes (round shaped towers) myself, after little modification, so the models are up and running. The spare parts that I've used are from TILLIG's former East German diesel loco class (BR) 120 (Taiga drum). The models are under warranty for a year from the date of purchase, but I did not want to send them back to the retailer, shipping costs plus more waiting time and I did not want to take the risk that the models would get more damaged meanwhile during the shipping process (es). Beckmann should have continued building them with the original mechanism. They sure cost an arm and a leg. I have a feeling that Tillig will release their version of this loco, also.

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