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These are prototypes which either exist as TT scale models or can be modeled from existing models.
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@ Marquette

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Dude, I had NO idea how much can be modeled from currently existing models. Super duper job on these lists!!!
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Re: @ Marquette

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Thanks, glad you appreciate it!

To be honest, I knew there was a decent array of stuff that could be modelled, but had NO clue the pallette was THIS broad!
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Re: @ Marquette

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I am sure I can say this on behlf of all the TTers - we do appreciate your work on this! Lack of prototype variety is one of perceived weaknesses of TT, and this helps address it.

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Re: @ Marquette

Post by gabbysuz »

Thanks so much for all the work on compiling this list Marguette ! :thumbup: I know I'll be consulting it week to week now that I'm starting construction of my Italian / French layout !

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