Yugoslavia - Jugoslovenske Železnice

These are prototypes which either exist as TT scale models or can be modeled from existing models.
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Re: Yugoslavia - Jugoslovenske Železnice

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LVG1 wrote:The following image was taken in Kosovo but shows a car in current Macedonian livery.
I found images of Montenegrin cars with the same livery. This could be a hint that it was introduced in Yugoslav times. But on the other hand these cars could have been sold from Macedonia to Montenegro. So I'm not sure. Do you know more?
My knowledge is more focussed on Croatia, Bosnia and northern Serbia, so I'm not sure but I *think* that livery was Macedonian - whether late JŽ era or post-independence, I don't know. The only Montenegrin car I've seen a picture of with such a livery was an ex-DB car. That *could* have been sold from MŽ to ŽCG after repainting, but I'm not certain.

Something that's good to know is that even in Yugoslav times, once cars started getting colourful liveries, you could tell which ŽTP they belonged to.

Background: JŽ was officially called Zajednica Jugoslovenskih železnica - "Community of Yugoslav Railways" - and it was made up of six financially independent companies, called Železničko Transportno Preduzeće ("Railway Transport Enterprise"; Slovenia's abbreviation is different): ZŽP Ljubljana, ŽTP Zagreb, ŽTP Beograd, ŽTP Sarajevo, ŽTP Titograd, and ŽTP Skopje. These became their respective companies after the dissolution of Yugoslavia, ŽTP Sarajevo becoming ŽFBH and ŽRS. For a time ŽTP Beograd had subsidiaries ŽTP Novi Sad and ŽTP Kosovo Polje.

JŽ had a unified colour scheme for locomotives (yellow/brown for DC electrics, orange/white for AC electrics, green/yellow for diesels), but once passenger equipment started being painted in something other than overall green, each ŽTP could devise their own paint schemes. The green-with-white-stripe livery of the PSK models was a Zagreb scheme. The 'famous' red-orange-yellow livery was Beograd.
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