Korea - Chōsen Government Railway (1910-1945)

These are prototypes which either exist as TT scale models or can be modeled from existing models.
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Korea - Chōsen Government Railway (1910-1945)

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Korea - 朝鮮總督府鐵道 Chōsen Government Railway (1910-1945)

Kitbash & repaint options
Steam locomotives
サタ1801 - サタ1819 (1934-1938) (Arnold or Tillig BR95 - kitbash)
プレナ1 - プレナ93 (1938-1945) (Beckmann BR75 w sloped tank - kitbash)
プレ231 - プレ326 (1931-1938) (Beckmann BR75 w sloped tank - kitbash)
プレ341 - プレ348 (1936-1938) (Beckmann BR75 w sloped tank - kitbash)
プレ351 - プレ362 (1932-1938) (Schirmer BR64 - (light) kitbash)
プレハ1 – プレハ38 (1938-1945) (Schirmer BR64 - (light) kitbash)
サタイ1 - サタイ24 (1938-1945) (Arnold or Tillig BR95 - kitbash)

Passenger & freight cars
Passenger equipment was very strongly influenced by American design; until the 1920s, most stock was American-made. The same is true for freight equipment, and a number of American prototype freight cars currently available in TT (Bill Dixon's two-bay hopper, the Gold Coast Fowler boxcar, the Joma gondola and tank car) are close enough to Korean (and Manchurian!) types to be used as-is. As such, it's completely within the realm of possibility to model a 1930s-1940s Korean branch line in TT scale.
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