Jail loco

These are prototypes which either exist as TT scale models or can be modeled from existing models.
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Jail loco

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A story written by life

In the 1990ies Deutsche Bahn wanted to to get rid of their M62 locomotives (V200 / BR 120 / BR 220). But they did not want to support their competitors.
So they donated some locomotives to Lithuania (or was it Latvia?). All other locomotives should be scrapped so that competitors could use them nevermore.
Because scrapping costs money, they looked for cheaper ways. A jail even offered money for those locomotives because they looked for an occupation for their prisoners. So DB sold some locomotives (I think, 20 or so) to the jail so that they could be scrapped by prisoners. And for a long time they were seen by nobody and were (almost) forgotten.

Eventually, some years later the jail had to become more efficient. So they sold about half of their site. It was the part with the siding.
What surprise! All locomotives still existed; none was scrapped.
And some businessmen immediately bought them because they wanted to earn money by repairing them and selling them to private railroads.

Two of those locomotives should be brought to Poland for repair on April 28, 2007. I don't know why; but one of these locomotives was left in Guben and picked up the very next day.
By chance, it was exactly that night when I was on my way to take some photos.
And here it is, jail locomotive V200.1-1 in Guben:


From a distance, the locomotives colour rather appeared to be pale yellow or pale orange. Only when I came closer, I could discern that it was the extremely faded original red livery.

Unfortunately, I don't have any idea what happened to the jail locomotives. I've never seen or heard anything about them any more. Does anybody know, if they have found their way back to regular service? And if so, where?
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