Canadian PS-1 look-a-likes

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Re: Canadian PS-1 look-a-likes

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Don't ask me - I have no idea why they loaded up that why??????

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Re: Canadian PS-1 look-a-likes

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Well, this is just my 2d, but if a model had an NSC-3 end but a PS roof, I'd be satisfied enough; the PS and NSC roofs aren't the same, but they *are* quite similar.
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Re: Canadian PS-1 look-a-likes

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Hi guys,

I just stopped checking NSC cars with a roof and end similar to Pullmans. These cars are still too different. Although I will discuss them with the engineer, I do not think we should start with them the first few years. We should first use the possibilities Pullman is offering and enlarge the user base.this in combination with new locomotives.

If the user base is big enough we will focus on cars from the seventies also running in Canada. Remember I hope to attrack also young users with more modern locomotives and rolling stock.


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Re: Canadian PS-1 look-a-likes

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I think that's prudent Rob. We all want stuff that you aren't offering (I have a long list if you're interested lol). That's fine. As I mentioned before, do what's best for the enterprise to succeed.

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