Have you ever..?

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Have you ever..?

Post by Gekom56 »

...wanted to get your favorite model train set back in your adult years,the one that was the first model train set of your childhood times? main was a Zeuke Herr train set of HOm which I thought was TT. I Thought I buy one set to full fill my desire, and I ended up having 15 sets now. There is a thin line between passion and model train addiction. What are your thoughts on the subject wanting more and more model trains to collect?
The Zeuke models in HOm scale in cooperation with Mr.Herr were produced during first few years of the 60' in Berlin.

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Re: Have you ever..?

Post by RodTT »

In general I don't buy more than I can see myself using. If I accumulate a surplus I usually sell it off. When I switched to American TT a few years ago, I sold most of the HO and OO I had. I've built a small switching plank for the remaining HO but I can see myself selling all that too in due course.
Though I do have half a dozen or so Tri-ang TT items from my childhood that I will hang on to.

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Re: Have you ever..?

Post by AstroGoat760 »

I have done something similar, in that I spent years tracking down a copy of the Lionel Silver Star train set from the 1970's that he owned.
Life is short, play with TT Scale Trains!

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Re: Have you ever..?

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Yep, done that as well. Ended up with 200 locomotives and 500 cars :doh: :lol: And this website :dance:
My website: https://www.ttnut.com
It's the website you're already on. But if you want to be even more on it, click the link.

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