New to the forum - general introductions

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New to the forum - general introductions

Post by TheKnighTT »

Hello everybody,

as I´m new to the Forum I looked for a general introduction thread and not finding any, I created my own, voilà:

My real name is Tjark and I stem from the North-West of Germany. I grew up near Marienhafe, where 81 004 was on Display. I had a great-grandmother in Lobberich. My model railroading career started with Playmobil G-Scale, moving to H0 at around the age of 12. Later on I inherited some Rokal-based H0m-equipment from my grandfather. As so often, interest in railroads waned during my teenage years. As a highschool senior I spend a year at Mukilteo, WA. The first half I lived right next to the main line on Puget Sound, but did not take a single photo. I went to British Columbia quite often and travelled from Toronto to Vancouver and back at the end of the year. I went back to Vancouver Island in 2013 to visit a friend

As an university student studying islamic sciences and political sciences in Halle an der Saale in Eastern Germany I discovered TT scale for me and started collecting pre-war Deutsche Reichsbahn. I don´t have a layout yet and I don´t have enough time. My other interests are reenactment (hence the name "theKnighTT", which is a translation of "derRiTTer", the name I use in the German TT-Board forum), Rugby, Surfing, table top wargaming, travelling and my two wonderful daughters (3 and 1,5). Sometimes I fancied doing 3mm scale Wales or freelance Norway or the Nahr al-Kalb-valley bridge in Lebanon, but that never went further than buying a magazine or visiting some Websites.
Then 2 months ago a German-Canadian mate from my Rugby club showed me his models of steam era Canadian Pacific and I was hooked again to North American railroads. The first items are ordered an in the mail. I am back on track and I am not sure where this will take me, transition era or 1998? I´m interested in the Pacific Northwest but the rest I will discover along the way, also depending on what is available and doable for me.

Thanks for the welcome, I hope we can profit from each others experience, knowledge and learn from our mistakes.

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Re: New to the forum - general introductions

Post by ConducTTor »

Hello Tjark, welcome aboard! TT is great - especially if you're willing to do some custom modeling for North American prototypes. Actually some of our most active members are your neighbors from Germany.

I'm Alex and I'm the janitor here :mrgreen:
My website:
It's the website you're already on. But if you want to be even more on it, click the link.

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Re: New to the forum - general introductions

Post by MacG »

Hello Tjark, welcome to the forum!

If you are looking for steam locomotives of the transition era or modern ones, it could be a difficult decision. In both cases the supply is very limited. There are more freight cars for the transition era. :wink:

Mirko - we send worldwide :wink:

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