Does Kuehn have a supply problem?

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Does Kuehn have a supply problem?

Post by CFRiad »

About 7 weeks ago, I placed an oder with Modellbahn Shop Sebnitz. Among other things I ordered two 10°left turnouts (art. 72640) and a set of code 70 to code 83 transition joiners (art. 72722) from Kuehn.

The entire order is held back for almost two months now because the Kuehn parts are not available. Does anybody know what's happening? I am tempted to cancel these articles and have the rest of the order shipped.

Does anybody have at least one Kuehn 10°left turnout for sale? I am hoping that TT-West or Zeuke has one at the bottom of a forgotten box...

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Re: Does Kuehn have a supply problem?

Post by MacG »

In other large shops, both items are in stock in sufficient quantity. That's why I think the problem is at Modellbahn Shop Sebnitz.

stock checked at: (~30€ shipping) (~40€ shipping)

also in stock at: - we send worldwide :wink:

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