Perhaps a useful motored truck?

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Perhaps a useful motored truck?

Post by ConducTTor »

On the third page there are a couple of motored trucks in H0m (12mm) that may be able to be used for motorization of non-narrow hood models. I haven't done the math to see if they fit anything...because I'm lazy right now. ... 3E%3C/a%3E
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Re: Perhaps a useful motored truck?

Post by RodTT »

I can't see this I'm afraid. When I click on the link I just get bounced back to this page.

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Re: Perhaps a useful motored truck?

Post by AstroGoat760 »

There is a good possibility that they might work for something.
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Re: Perhaps a useful motored truck?

Post by MacG »

This should work: ... U5AShE.pdf

Here is an N-scale powered chassis (TU-16A Tsugawa Yokou) that can be easily adapted to TT. The length of the axles can be extended by pulling at the wheels. Axle distance 9 mm, wheel diameter 5,6 mm. Found at the ... 2950868275

I don't know if that also works with the 16? mm chassis (TU-16A Tsugawa Yokou). ... 2889108066

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