Which 50ft boxcar?

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Re: Which 50ft boxcar?

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If it was me I'd go welded. Assuming your guy uses an EDM or spark eroder the less machine time the lower the cost. After the fiasco I had with the Chinese trying to do all the alternate ends for the 2 bays, with anything up to 75% of the rivets missing from some ends, I doubt I would travel that road again.


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Re: Which 50ft boxcar?

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If it was only for you . .
But it is meant to grow the number of users. For locomotives and freight cars you need at least 500 a 1000 users instead of 100. Furthermore Kadee H0 PS1 cars show the riveted connection. How do you want to convince H0 users to go to TT if the TT models are lacking the details?

Yes I would like to skip it, but for the time being . . .

Back to my original question:
Can all PS1 box cars have welded connection of the upper and low end part from the 1/1957?


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Re: Which 50ft boxcar?

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I checked the Pullman Standard Builder photos from 1954 to 1960. Since 1955 it is a welded connection between the upper and lower part. I used the Canadian Freight Car Gallery page search with the following search settings:

Car Owner - All
Car Type - Boxcars
Builder - Pullman-Standard
Build Date - 1954 and following years
Lok-n-Roll.de - we send worldwide :wink:

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