TT scale Navy yard

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Re: TT scale Navy yard

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Arseny wrote:Several days ago I discovered the model of the "Admiral Spee" battleship on Ebay.
It was 1:128. 1.5 meters long... :)
I am pretty sure that was a pretty penny...
TT Scale... In my case, it is a family affair...

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Re: TT scale Navy yard

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Here is our first model for the TT Scale Navy Yard a 1:125 Scale Minesweeper:
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Re: TT scale Navy yard

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Appears to have Measure 32/22D dazzle camouflage pattern. ... or_num=136
I found a couple of photos of my Measure 31/11D dazzle painted Lindberg Blue Devel Destroyer in 1/125 that I will post. (Back to storage to retrieve them).
Measure 31 Design 11D ... to-license
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