Anyone know CMR products and Netzlof decals?

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Anyone know CMR products and Netzlof decals?

Post by TheKnighTT » Wed Apr 27, 2022 12:59 pm

I came across CMR Products offer of a Alco C430 shell and I was wondering if people are aware of it. The Store is also offering a lot of decals under the name NetzlofDesign. Because those are custom printed they are offering TT scale. Most of it is too new for me (they are doing some older PRR stuff, some of you might like that), but they are doing decals for a Great Northern GP9, I might be tempted. ... c128365756 ... -c23115057

Does anyone have any experience with the store and their quality?

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Re: Anyone know CMR products and Netzlof decals?

Post by Marquette » Wed Apr 27, 2022 2:20 pm

I don't know them but I'm tempted to ask them about whether they'd be willing to scale up their N scale C415 shell to TT...
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Re: Anyone know CMR products and Netzlof decals?

Post by areibel » Wed Apr 27, 2022 6:10 pm

Yes! They are fairly close to me, and the brothers are continuing the business their father started. He did the decals, they added several other lines like the printed shells.
They sponsor our local train show, and I volunteer at the show so I know the brothers that run it. They told me about the TT C430 shell, so I did buy one.
IT needs some work, print wise. This has a light coat of grey primer on it, bu the print lines are pretty bad on the sides. Both sides are the same, the top and cab are fine except for a few gobs of resin that are stuck on in different places. Those look like they would clean up, but the lines would be hard to fix, some are bad enough to catch your fingernail when you run across them. I didn't want to just bash the print quality so I didn't mention it (Yet!)
I really wanted a C430, the railroad I work for still runs a couple of them so I see them often. And CMR has the decals for the WNYP railroad in HO and can convert them to TT for it. When I get a chance I want to see if they can either print it with a different orientation to do something about the lines, or see if they might offer it through Imaterilaize for a better quality print. There's already someone on Shapeways that has the correct truck sideframes, and Halling has a truck that should work (like the GP trucks but with a 24mm wheelbase). It's close, very close!

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Re: Anyone know CMR products and Netzlof decals?

Post by MacG » Mon May 02, 2022 1:08 pm

Alreibel is right. These days, the print should look much better. Even with DLP resin printers below $500, it shouldn't be a problem. But you should pay attention to a stable Z-axis.
Otherwise, I still see carelessly placed support structures on the model. With better quality, I would definitely be interested in the ALCo C425 cases. - we send worldwide :wink:

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