Jewel Models Boxcar

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Jewel Models Boxcar

Post by AstroGoat760 » Sun Nov 22, 2009 10:06 pm

Jewel Models Boxcar is a bit different than other TT scale model kits. The sides of the car are embossed and lithographed pasteboard. The roof, floor, and ends are made out of wood. A distinguishing feature is the strip of wood that represents the frame. In HP Products items, the floor is a single piece of wood, that has been routered, while the Jewel floor is a flat section of wood, with a strip of wood for the "frame".

The trucks and couplers are from HP Products, as many "HP Compatible" kits were made to save money in development costs for trucks and couplers, which made coupling to other makes of cars.

Jewel Models was based out of Stamford, connecticut; a suburb of New York City. With a very small percentage of the TT market, Jewel Models was unable to afford the cost and tax increases that drove many businesses in connecticut out of business in the 1960's, and the building that Jewel Models made kits in no longer exists.

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