HP E-7

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Re: HP E-7

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Murad wrote:Is it solderable?
Yes, because the front is soldered to the brass body.
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Re: HP E-7

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Marquette wrote:Don't they have N scale rivet strips that'd be better than the plain panel lines?
This is not an unreasonable suggestion...

I thought about using Archer rivets over 'something' flat for the seam lines...
perhaps K&S 0.002 or 0.005in brass foil (= 0.024 or 0.06in at 120:1).

This level of effort puts it into the 'contest quality' realm... I'm not sure I would go that far for a 'runner'.

It might be possible to etch-out an entire set of seams for each side in one shot...
then tinning the back of the entire piece and sweat soldering to the (very clean) brass E-unit shell.
This would probably be easier than cutting thin strips, aligning them, and fastening them individually...
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Re: HP E-7

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It would be possible to print the seamlines with rivets as decals too.

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