CF-7 kit

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Re: CF-7 kit

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Yes, the main attraction was all the short line owner / operators. I've had the CF-7 book for many years and when it looked like I could get the project going I think I printed out something like 200+ photos from the RRpicturearchives web site. Went through 3 or 4 sets of cartridges and just about wore the old Canon printer out. Bottom line - you can have them in just about any colour of the rainbow you like and somebody probably owned one.
And of course - I'm going to have to paint one up in this scheme ... ?id=369253


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Re: CF-7 kit

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Santa Cruz Big Trees( Roaring Camp Felton Ca) has a couple of the CF7's. Last time I looked they were in Maroon paint, when they showed up years ago in an SP freight consist they were a much prettier ATSF blue and yellow....DaveB

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Re: CF-7 kit

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Cool loco kit, i'm really interested.
I found a fitting article in Railroad Model Craftsman Nov. 1985 about the Santa Fe CF7.

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