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CPR Dominion Car

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2013 3:59 pm
by Bill Dixon
As alluded to in the resin wood reefer topic, this week I received two new models that I was not expecting.

One was the Dominion Car, a 36' wood outside braced box car usually know as a Fowler box car because it was built to the Fowler patent.
This model has had a quick coat of paint.

The Fowler patent cars were used in large numbers on Canadian railroads and in lesser numbers on some US railroads. At one point the combined CNR and CPR fleet was 20% of the total North American car fleet. They did wander south into the US so could be seen most anywhere in small numbers.
In later years after modernization they were converted into stock cars, MOW cars, or used in grain service.

The Dominion cars were the mainstay of Canadian railway grain cars to the mid 60s. At that point the immanent demise of the Dominion car fleet due to old age, most were built in the teens, caused the Canadian Government to produce the Canadian Cylindrical Grain hopper that carries todays harvests.

This is a modernized car with a steel door and AB brakes.
It is a one piece body with a separate roof.

This is project 4 and costs $ 25.00 a kit.

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Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2013 4:47 pm
by Arseny
It seems to be a little bit warped, or I am wrong?

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Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:42 pm
by Bill Dixon
Arseny wrote:It seems to be a little bit warped, or I am wrong?
My photography was rushed and in a poor setup.
It looks better than the picture i took.

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Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2013 10:10 pm
by Bill Dixon
To quote the NEB&W guide to Steam-Era Freight Car Modelling 1995 edition;
"Fowler Patent cars are easy to identify. For one thing, most 36 foot box cars that were single sheathed, were Fowler because the Fowler design was the first type of single-sheathed box cars put into production."
Page 129, Revised 5/30/94, NEB&W guide to Steam-Era Freight Car Modelling by John Nehrich.

The list of railroads with 36' box cars in 1949 includes over 100 railroads. Granted not all of these were Fowler Patent cars but that is still an impressive list of railroads with 36 foot box cars.

Railroads that specifically had versions of the Fowler Patent cars are:
B&O from the Cincinnati, Indianpois & Western
Canadian National - 23,000 + of various types.
Canadian Pacific - 23,000 + of various types.
Central of New Jersey
Central of Pennsylvania - a CNJ subsidiary
Grand Trunk Western
Nacionales de Mexico
New York, Susquhanna & Western
Ontario Northland
Pacific Great Eastern
Quebec Central
Roberval & Saquenay
Soo Line.

For those of you who want a prototypical railroad name there should be something for you there.
Until the unlikely day that the correct car is made for your favorite railroad the model will do as a stand in for older cars.
Those of you with fictitious railroads can have as many as you want.
It is also useful in MOW trains or sitting in the weeds as a shed.

The model can be back dated by replacing the steel door with a wood door, removing the brake bits and adding a K/C Brake.

While it is a Canadian car to a CPR prototype it is a useful addition to the TT-Scale car fleet.

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Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:16 pm
by Bill Dixon
scaro wrote:There's a school of wisdom that says the Canadian Fowlers didn't trespass over the border by a certain point, as the brakes weren't updated by a cut-off date in 1953. But this died a quick death on on STMFC when it came up. One example very late was the CV where they ran down into New England until the 1960s, apparently. There were many other examples, tending to relate to CN owned lines like the DW&P.

There's a thread on STMFC about 36' Fowler and 'almost Fowler' cars. In the US, 36' s/s cars seem to have been one of those things that were there, then a decade later, they weren't.
That seems to be true, except for Canadian Railways.
On US roads they were there and then bigger cars came along and the 36 footers were gone.
In Canada they survived til the mid 60's in grain service. The railroads were losing money moving wheat so they did not invest any money in new cars for that service.
scaro wrote: I tried to find information about the Monon cars as midwestern RRs tended to keep composite cars on their rosters late, for use in the grain season. But information is scant. 'Marquette' listed Monon 2000-3600 as 40' Fowler clones but I think they are probably 36 'ers (and no idea if they were Fowler clones.)
My info shows series 2000 to 3599 as 36' Fowlers. All gone by 1949 except MOW service of course.

The NYS&W cars lasted to 1951 and were noted as not used in interchange service.

Erie had two classes of cars. Some of one series 93000-93999 were updated to A/B brakes.

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Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2013 3:28 am
by Arseny
Hm, I would like to have SOO Line version, for my SOO locomotive(s)

Re: CPR Dominion Car

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:50 am
by Bill Dixon
Painted my one model in CPR brown. Working on decals.
Did discover to my distress that as someone already noticed the whole car is bowed up in the center.
I will take it apart and see if I can fix it.