PIKO diesels/electrics regaugable to 10.5mm?

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Re: PIKO diesels/electrics regaugable to 10.5mm?

Post by Richard-B » Fri Apr 08, 2011 3:02 pm

scaro wrote:hi
can the piko diesels be easily regauged to 10.5mm gauge, or HOn3? is there enough slack between the truck frame and back of the wheel to do it?
It's going to be tight...
On the Piko Taurus I have in hand, the gearbox is 8.4mm (0.330)... and the wheelset back-to-back is 10.3mm (0.405)

This means there is 1.9mm to play with, and you need to take out 1.5mm for 10.5mm gauge.

I haven't disassembled the trucks to know if re-guaging is simple, or if the axles are shouldered or otherwise constrained.

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