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For Dealers and Retailers

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One of the goals of this site is to promote TT scale in America. If you are a dealer or a retailer who is based in the US, feel free to post links to your sites, products, specials, etc.

There a couple of simple rules:

1. You are only allowed to link to TT related site pages. Do not advertise your HO, N, S or other scales.
2. Advertising is perfectly acceptable when done within reason. Don't be a spammer. If you plan on overloading the site with crap I plan to block you and post about how terrible you are.
3. Do NOT under any circumstance attempt to bad mouth, devalue, assault or in any way attack your competitors or you're gone.
4. Before posting a link to your site's homepage, please check if your site is already listed in the "Links of Interest" sticky. If it is, don't bother - your post will be deleted.
5. No banners or adverts in your posts (just links). If you want a banner contact me and we'll talk. Right off the bat, I'll tell you the current going rate: put a link to the forum ( on your site and you get a banner on mine. Simple.
6. If you are not a retailer and want to sell items you own, please post in the "Buy/Sell/Trade" area

Example of what is considered ok:

"Hello everyone, I have recently received new products from Germany. You can find them here <link>"


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