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Bill Dixon
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PM delay

Post by Bill Dixon »

Are PMs hanging up or being sent right away?

Every message I have tried to send recently seems to go into the out box and sit there until sometime after I log off.
Bill Dixon
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Re: PM delay

Post by AstroGoat760 »

I do not know. There have been a few messages that I have sent out that I have not received a reply to in the past weeks, so that might be an issue.
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Re: PM delay

Post by areibel »

If it shows up in your "Out" box it will stay there until the recipient opens it- can you tell if it was just their slow response or didn't they get notification, either the email or if it's not showing up in their inbox?
If you wan to test it send me a PM and post the time you sent it in this thread, We can compare the results that way.

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Re: PM delay

Post by ConducTTor »

Al is correct, they will sit in outbox until the recipient opens them. I'm not experiencing any issues sending or receiving PMs.

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