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Stay On Topic

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I have noted a continued increase in the amount of irrelevant and unhelpful content within the topics on this forum. Please remember to respect your fellow forum members and stay on topic. It is really easy to start a new topic instead of hijacking a conversation in progress.

Please note:

If you start a topic you have the right to manage it. You will not be considered out of line reminding your fellow posters to stay on topic. If your not comfortable doing so, you can ask the Admin or Mods to do so on your behalf (just PM us). Additionally, if you would like to have the irrelevant content removed from you topic the Admin and Mods can delete or move it (again, just PM us).

Also, if off topic content is found by the Admin and Mods and is considered to detract from the conversation, it will be moved or deleted. If you find that some of your content has been moved or removed: Take the hint. We like open discussion, we don't want heavy moderation, but we will step in if required.

Please take some time to review the forum rules of conduct:


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