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* All the below require the standard reply - NOT the "quick reply" *

Add a link: copy the link you want and paste it in the text box. That's it. Really.

Add an image: if the image is somewhere on the internet, copy the image location. Click the "img" button above the text box and paste the image location between the two "img" tags.

Upload image or file: below the text box there is a tab called "upload attachment". Click it and upload your image or file. It will be attached to your post.

Add Youtube video: look at the url of the youtube page where the video is. It will look something like "[b]ATVgcHwM66M[/b]". Copy the stuff after the "v=". In this example it would be "ATVgcHwM66M". Click the "youtube" button above the text box. Now paste the copied stuff (ATVgcHwM66M) between the two "youtube" tags.


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