New in box Tillig items for sale-SOLD

New in box Tillig items for sale-SOLD

Postby TTSMR » Sat Oct 03, 2009 11:24 pm

Updated Oct 25, 2009

I have the following items remaining from this list or sale.
(I added a couple more. I keep finding more everytime I go thru my storage!)

Pls email me with your offer.

Tillig White Box
2411 electric freight locomotive class EBR-194, DB
13310 fast passenger train coach, 3rd class DRG
13311 fast passenger train coach, 2nd class DR
13320 fast passenger train coach, 2nd/3rd class, DRG
13321 fast passenger train coach Ist/2nd class, DR
13820 fast passenger train baggage car, DRG
14153 refrigerator car, white
14231 all-steel gondola, SNCF
14249 all-steel gondola with coal load, DR
14349 beer car 'Engelhardt'
14350 beer car 'Berliner Kindl'
14408 tank car 'BP', DD
14423 tank car 'VTG', DS
14527 flat car with 2 containers 'ÖBB', DR
14710 hinged cover car, DR
15517 Container car with 3 WMW 20' containers
15519 Container car with 3 'Morflot' 20' containers

Tillig Blue Box
13207 crew car for maintenance train, DR
14362 beer car 'Wieselburger'
14369 beer car 'Radeberger'
14409 tank car 'DEA', DB
14421 storage bin car, DS, blue/white
14424 tank car 'Esso, DB
14425 tank car 'Shell, DB
14427 2-axle tank car 'Buna', DR
14433 wine car 'OBB'
14451 storage bin car 'KVG'
15210 high capacity hopper car, DR
15225 gondola, SNCF
15316 refrigerator car, DR
95001 coil trainsport car Sahmms, DS

Plus S&H. Shipping in the US will be USPS Priority Mail.
Canada, the Moon and Mars, pls ask for shipping quote!
I can accept PayPal if buyer agrees to cover PayPal fees.
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Re: New in box Tillig items for sale (or trade)

Postby BTTB Fan » Sun Oct 04, 2009 4:57 pm

E-mail sent!
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Re: Updated Oct 25: New in box Tillig items for sale

Postby TTSMR » Sun Oct 25, 2009 2:44 pm

Thanks guys!


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