TT scale trucks (bogies)

TT scale trucks (bogies)

Postby AstroGoat760 » Sun Dec 27, 2009 1:39 am

Here are a few different TT scale trucks (bogies) of different makes:

Here is an un-assembled Possum Valley Models Bettendorf truck kit.
PVM makes a small variety of truck kits including 6 wheel passenger trucks, friction bearing, and roller bearing freight trucks.
One point of advice with the betterndorf kit: it cannot be used as a direct swap for a HP Products truck without a shim, as the PVM truck is slightly shorter.

Here are a duo of HP Products trucks: a stamped brass friction bearing truck, and a 4-wheel passenger truck. Both feature 33" metal wheels, with one side set of wheels insulated. This allows the HP truck to be used as a power pickup for motive power and/or lighting.

Here is a bottom view of the 4-wheel passenger truck:

Here is the de-facto" standard North American proto TT truck - the HP Products freight truck. Many, many manufacturers used the HP truck for their own kits.
Here is the top and side views of the HP truck:

Gold Coast has their own make of truck as well, a photo of which is below, next to a HP Products truck (left), also to the 33" wheel size.
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