TT Scale Freight Car Builders Supplies

TT Scale Freight Car Builders Supplies

Postby TTSMR » Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:33 pm

Freight car builders supplies

You can build a bunch of freight cars from these supplies!

Bag of wood and metal flat car parts.
Includes a couple of partially built flat cars and a gondola.
There is a tank car dowel and floor stock.
freight car parts 1.jpg

Wood strips for freight cars.
Includes a couple metal gondola sides,
a formed metal flat car frame and one metal tender side.
Ripple ramps too.
freight car parts 2.jpg

Box car and reefer metal ends, doors and hatches.
Some cast metal and some stamped metal.
freight car parts 3.jpg

This pic is hard to see but it includes a bunch of brake wheels,
air tanks and other freight car detail parts. There are some
couplers in there also.
freight car parts 4.jpg

Here are a bunch more detail parts, car sides, tank car
chasis and hand ladders.
freight car parts 5.jpg

I would like to sell this as a lot.

Email your offer to me at:



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